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Updated: April 2018

2018 Vintage

On a perfect harvest day in late February, family and friends brought in another great crop weighing a little over 2.7 tonnes. The fruit was in the truck by noon and the harvesters then enjoyed a delicious lunch and tastings of previous vintages of Coppin Grove's finest Sparkling.

2017 Vintage

Our best harvest ever - 3.03 tonnes of beautiful fruit. The wine is now part way through production at Kilchum. We expect it to be ready at the end of 2018.

2016 Vintage

This wine is selling fast and is available for delivery for Christmas and New Year celebrations. Don't forget that special occasion or indulgence.

2015 Vintage

Sold Out

Only a few cases remain of this lovely vintage.

4 Vintage

Sold Out

This delicious wine is almost ready for drinking and will be available in December.

3 Vintage

Sold Out

Only a few dozen cases remain of this great vintage. Selling fast.

2012 Vintage

One of our customers loved this wine so much he purchased the entire vintage! The lucky few of us who sampled it agreed with him - it was delicious.

2011 Vintage

Our signature Coppin Grove Sparking Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Nebbiolo 2011 blend was perfect to drink immediately and has also done well in the cellar for those clever few who put some down.

2010 Vintage

This delicious vintage sold out fast.

2009 Vintage

The year of the fires! Our wine makers excelled themselves producing a beautiful sparkling Nebbiolo Pinot Noir blend.

2008 Vintage

A bumper crop! 2.1 tonnes of magnificent fruit produced 150 Doz cases of beautiful wine.

2006 and 2007 Vintages

We were too busy to keep you up to date! Both vintages sold out.

2005 Vintage

A terrific crop in 2005!

2004 Vintage


The grapes for this vintage were harvested by an enthusiastic team on 22nd and 29th February 2004.

A record crop of 1650 kilograms of grapes was delivered to our wine makers at Romsey in all available containers!!

Check out this alternative offering from those entrepreneurial Californian grape growers!! Many thanks to Jim Lawry for this contribution!!

2003 Vintage

Our 2003 Vintage arrived and sold fast. We were thrilled with the quality of the wine and the feedback we received endorsed our view that these was indeed a delicious drop!!

2001 Vintage

Some of you may have been lucky enough to have tasted this extremely limited first edition. Those lucky few could vouch for the quality of the wine and were already anxiously awaiting the release of the next vintage.

The only thing we can share with you from our inaugural vintage is this photo of the very first bottle we sampled.